Controlling Childhood Seizures with Cannabis

Seizures are caused by sudden surges of electrical activity in the brain. Although childhood epilepsy is a common cause of seizures in childhood, other causes include brain infections such as meningitis and irregular sodium or glucose levels in the blood.

Cannabis may be the root of new organic treatments for epilepsy.

Respected Medical Journal ‘Neurology’ Publishes a Study

neurology official journal of the amaerican academy of neurology

Not only do patients report thinking cannabis is an effective epilepsy treatment, according to a survey published in Neurology; according to a USA Today report, a recent study demonstrates that children given cannabidiol, or cannabis oil, show significant improvement even when their seizures don’t respond to other treatments.

84% Report reduction in seizures

A survey given to parents, led by Brenda E. Porter and Catherine Jacobsen and published in Epilepsy & Behavior, conveys parental beliefs that cannibidiol does reduce seizures in children ranging in age from 2 to 13. Although the sample size was small, 84 percent of the parents reported a reduction in seizures through use of the oil.

This treatment may even help with particularly severe diseases, such as Dravat’s Syndrome, which causes epilepsy that can’t be treated with medication. Charlotte Figi, a small girl with multiple seizures per day, is one child who is seeing benefits through the use of medically prescribed cannabis, reports CNN.

What to do in Maryland

If you are a parent interested in controlling childhood seizures with cannabis, and you live in Maryland, you can get a perscription. Not only is cannabis among the most natural cures for epilepsy, it is also available in the state of Maryland with a prescription. House Bill 881 specifically states that seizures are a qualifying symptom for the prescription of cannabis.

Having a child with seizures or epilepsy can be terrifying, and you naturally want to do everything you can for them. Ask your doctor about a prescription for organic Maryland cannabis that can help your child live a happier, more normal life.