Extracting Cannabis

The Process of Extracting Cannabis

In order to use the medicinal properties of cannabis, the active compunds can be extracted from the plant, this process is called medical cannabis extraction. Once extracted, the patient can ingest the medication rather than inhale it.

CO2 Extraction

Benefits of CO2 extraction vs. other methods

high-pressure-vesselThere are several ways to extract cannabis oil, most scientists agree that CO2 extraction is one of the best methods. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is known as a supercritical fluid, which means it turns into liquid when it is pressurized. It doesn’t leave behind any type of residue and is a pure chemical substance.

The CO2 extraction of cannabis oil is the best method it provides the purest and highest quality of cannabis oil for medicinal use. There are several other methods to extract the oil, but they are not recommended as they can be dangerous or produce a low quality cannabis oil that is not suitable for medical use.

Oil Extraction

Another popular way to extract cannabis oil is called “Full Extract Cannabis Oil” (FECO) you will need enough cannabis (leaves or buds)  to loosely fill a quart size jar with a lid, a fifth of 190 proof grain alcohol, a heavy duty Pyrex dish, and a cheese cloth. Put the leaves or buds in the jar (leave room for the alcohol), pour in a fifth of grain alcohol and use the lid to securely seal the jar and shake. Let the mixture set for five to ten minutes. Remove the lid and place the cheesecloth over the opening and pour the liquid into the dish. Place the dish off to the side where nothing can fall into it and let it sit for 24 hours. The FECO method is generally used by people who want to make their own cannabis oil, usually using their own strain of home grown cannabis. Both the CO2 extraction method and the FECO method are used for medicinal purposes, it can be drank, put in another liquid, baked and cooked with.

CBD Extract Called Epidiolex

CBD Extraction has no “high” associated with it at all, (absolutely none of the medicinal cannabis oils provide any type of “high”) it is strictly a medical extract. CBD is currently in the clinical trial stages treating children with severe epilepsy.

Medical Uses of Cannabis Oil Extractions and the Medical Benefits

extract-oilCannabis oil extract is being used to treat numerous conditions and diseases including the following; anxiety, depression, cancer, heart disease, strokes, epilepsy, MS and glaucoma just to name a few.

The medical benefits are positive, some people react better to the cannabis oil than others, it all depends on the condition/diseases and the severity. All in All, in most cases improvements have been seen.

Benefits of Extractions VS Smoking Medical Cannabis

Creating oil by extraction from the plant is the best and most common method of getting the cannabis oil. When you extract cannabis you are extracting the cannabinoids. The cannabinoids contain the healing properties. Once you have the oil you can drink it, put it in food and baked goods, or make a healthy smoothie. Cannabis is a vegetable so you can also eat the plant.