Need for Organic Approach in Maryland

Organic Maryland Farm

It was a only a matter of weeks after the November 6th deadline to apply for a Maryland medical cannabis grower’s license before the public outcry over Colorado recalls began. The first batch of recalls and lawsuits around pesticide-poisoned marijuana has made a lot of State regulators think about how they would handle a similar nightmare in their own states.

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Cannabis Recall: Pesticide Poisons Medicine


What happens when profiteers trusted to grow your medical cannabis use unapproved methods to maximize the production of their crop? The answer is ‘No one knows!’ Currently, there is a complete lack of federal regulation dictating what kinds of pesticides […]

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Controlling Childhood Seizures with Cannabis


Seizures are caused by sudden surges of electrical activity in the brain. Although childhood epilepsy is a common cause of seizures in childhood, other causes include brain infections such as meningitis and irregular sodium or glucose levels in the blood. […]

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Chemistry of Cannabis


Cannabis (Cannabis sativa L) belongs to the plant kingdom, it is a herbaceous plant that grows annually. Cannabis genus is a species of the Cannabaceae family. How do the compounds in cannabis act as a natural cure? There are over […]

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Treating Cancer with cannabis

cancer treatment with cannabis

Cancer is a multifaceted disease that comes in many forms and produces many different symptoms. Research is coming to light in the last several years, however, that treating cancer with cannabis may help with many of the symptoms associated with […]

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