Organic Farming in Maryland

Maryland Organic Agriculture: Boosting Environmental Health

Growing an organic crop in Maryland has a lower environmental impact than growing non-organic crops. This is because everything that goes into an organic crop is natural. The earth can reclaims its natural components. There are systems in place that deal with the natural components of the Earth. Organic farming in Maryland is important to preserve her natural beauty.

The Chemical Trail of Cannabis

Cannabis is a dirty crop unless it is grown under the strictest organic rules. Indoor cannabis facilities must deal with the same pests with which outdoor growers face. Spider mites, fungus, root pests — these are all problems that indoor growers face. As such, many growers use pesticides, fungicides, and even herbicides on cannabis.

tap-waterMany cannabis growers use commercial grade fertilizers, tap water, and other impurities to grow cannabis. All of these man-made components for growing lead to an unhealthy environment. One only has to look as far as the Gulf of Mexico each summer to see the results of chemical fertilizer runoff. Scientists call that area a dead zone because the fertilizer runoff from farms along the Mississippi River spill into the Gulf and cause a massive algae bloom. When the algae dies the water becomes devoid of oxygen, and the fish in that area all die. That is an example of how growing a crop negatively impacts the environment.

The Organic Difference

When you grow organic cannabis using organic fertilizers and purified water you have an entirely different outcome. There is no toxic runoff. The Earth absorbs excess organic fertilizers. There is no toxic water because what you started with was pure. The process actually improves soil health, which helps to utilize excess fertilizers. Organic also means no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. People do not want to consume pesticides in the food, let alone their medicine.

  • purified water
  • no chemical fertilizers
  • no runoff
  • indoor organic farming

The result of organic Maryland cannabis is a product that is purer. That means that your body has fewer toxins to deal with, and can put more energy into recovery. Organic cannabis makes a difference to the environment and human lives.