Need for Organic Approach in Maryland

Organic Maryland Farm

It was a only a matter of weeks after the November 6th deadline to apply for a Maryland medical cannabis grower’s license before the public outcry over Colorado recalls began. The first batch of recalls and lawsuits around pesticide-poisoned marijuana has made a lot of State regulators think about how they would handle a similar nightmare in their own states.

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Cannabis Recall: Pesticide Poisons Medicine


What happens when profiteers trusted to grow your medical cannabis use unapproved methods to maximize the production of their crop? The answer is ‘No one knows!’ Currently, there is a complete lack of federal regulation dictating what kinds of pesticides […]

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Sam’s Story: Autism and Cannabis


Cannabis changes life for one family affected with autism Despite the controversy that still surrounds it, cannabis is a miracle to one family’s son with autism. Diagnosed with Autism at an early age, Sam’s parents had vigilantly sought out the best in […]

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